Douglas G. Avella, M.D., F.A.A.O.S
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons
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Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian Efforts

Phuket, Thailand

Dr. Avella traveled to Thailand with a team that included his son Nicholas and performed over 100 surgeries.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In January of 2010 Dr. Avella led a team of doctors and nurses from the Valley Hospital to Santo Domingo where they performed more than 100 surgeries at The Children's Rehabilitation Hospital.

Neyba, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a very poor country where medical care for children is desperately needed. Every child is cared for the same as they would if they were being treated in the United States.



Lupe, an 8 year old, only had one functioning leg after an infection caused most of her right femur to be removed. She was flown to NJ from the Dominican Republic by Healing the Children & had a successful surgery with Dr. Avella at Valley Hospital in 2003. After years of struggling on a crutch she learned to walk again.





Sofia, a 2 year old from Kazakhstan, was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. Her hip joints were not properly positioned. Sofia received surgery in June and July 2010 by Dr. Avella at Valley Hospital. Sofia returned home with improvement in her ability to walk


Healing the Children

Six months after Dr. Avella and his team lengthened both of David’s Achilles tendons in Guayaquil, Ecuador on a medical mission, he and his mother visited his Ridgewood office. David’s mother wanted to express her heartfelt appreciation to the man who changed her child’s life. Unable to walk, David crawled until he was three years old and used a walker the day he arrived at the clinic. “Thanks to God for Healing the Children New Jersey and Dr. Avella for coming to Guayaquil and giving my son the opportunity to walk all by himself,” said David’s mother.